AI Answering Machine Detection Technology

AI Answering Machine Detection Technology

Maximize Sales Efficiency

With Smart Carrier’s AI Answering Machine Detection, Your Agents Focus on Sales, Not Machines.  Double Average Call Duration with Increased Human-to-Agent Interactions.

Refined through billions of calls, our AI Answering Machine Detection optimizes agent time for live conversations. Customize call classifications to pinpoint machines or live connections in milliseconds. Tailor background audio for live pickups and utilize advanced lead redial logic for voicemails.

Experience Unmatched Accuracy

False positive rates were slashed by over 50% compared to traditional AMD, delivering sharper accuracy and efficiency.

Achieve over 98% accuracy for connected calls, a significant improvement compared to 40% with Traditional AMD. This translates to fewer dead calls reaching agents, providing more data for the dialer to optimize decisions.

Transform Call Efficiency

Unlock Instant ROI with Pre-Connect: Predictive Analysis for Machine Attendance Ensures Immediate Returns.

More than 99% of the calls the dialers send are correctly identified.

More than 95% of the calls attended by the agents are customers instead of answering machines, silence, or noise.

Easy UI Navigation

A comprehensive connectivity dashboard delivering detailed SIP data on responses for each region and destination carrier you operate in.

Easy UI Navigation
Overview at a Glace

Overview at a Glance

Get a quick overview of call processing, voicemail rates, and carrier disconnections to adapt mailing strategies, dialing ratios, and carrier priorities for optimal results.

Maximize the value of your calls

Don't let poor voice quality, muted attendance, or a misaligned dial ratios waste your agents' efforts. With real-time insights, you can quickly identify and resolve network issues to adapt and optimize your campaign instantly.

Maximize the Value of Your Calls
Measure Call Duration

Measure Call Duration

We aim for lengthy interactions between customers and agents in outbound operations. Machine-attended calls reduce these valuable exchanges. Average Call Duration metrics reveal the balance of short versus long calls, highlighting interaction quality.

Pinpoint Issues

With our monitoring, we pinpoint audio quality issues by detecting failures in specific call legs or drilling down to available data per call for precise action.


Simplify Audits:

Swiftly Update Standards with Advanced Clusterization and AI Learning.

Channel optimizations:

Due to the fast answering machine identification, discard, and channel release.


Live Business Intelligence Interphase:

Enhance Call Quality and SIP Trunking with Granular AI AMD Data.

Accelerate Deployments:

Harness Global Pattern Replication with AMD Tuning for Rapid Implementation.

Unleash Flexibility:

Carrier Agnostic via SIP and Dialer Agnostic. Access Granular Data for Swift Strategy Formulation Across 13+ Reasons.

Cloud Ready!

Deployed in more than 50 countries and Hundreds of customers in US.

Multi-tenant and highly scalable

Our Impact

Doubling Average Call Duration by Connecting More Human-to-Agent Interactions.

Maximize Productivity

Spend More Time with Customers, Less with Machines. Achieve More with Your Current Agent Capacity.

Learn how you can double your Average Call Duration

What our Customers Say

Smart Carrier's AI Answering Machine Detection is truly a game changer. We've seen a significantly higher answer rate on our calls, which leads to more revenue coming into our business, and truly moves the needle toward a more profitable model. It's rare that you find an innovation as impactful as this in our industry, and this fits the bill in every way!

Benton A.

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